I really want that new Engl lunchbox amp, am I mad?

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Thread: I really want that new Engl lunchbox amp, am I mad?

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    I really want that new Engl lunchbox amp, am I mad?

    Ok, I've seriously been bitten by the amp bug and I desperately want it.

    I really love having a small tube amp, I find it incredible handy and I do like my Gigmaster 15, it's a great little amp. I'm just extremely taken by the Ironball, seems to have a much better preamp with 4 ECC83 preamp tubes compard to the Gigmaster's 1 preamp tube, it's got presence control, gain boost, separate clean and lead gain controls, and from what I've heard it just sounds way better. That's not knocking the Gigmaster, I'm just way more impressed with the Ironball and I really want it.

    I'm running into a dilema now because I'm not sure I can really get a good price for the Gigmaster because of Ireland's used gear market being in the shitter right now, that is if I even sell it at all because I couldn't justify letting it go if I got too little for it. I could justify buying the Ironball if I got a good price for the old amp, but I'm worried I won't.

    Can I justify getting a new amp, as well as hanging onto the old one? I'd be afraid of it not getting used at all.

    What do you think guys, should I? Assuming I'm able to afford it, that is.
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    I say keep it. but situations like this i'd sell it to a good friend that I know will use the amp. that way, the money becomes more trivial and I know it'll be seeing more action. this also facilitates to possibility of buying it back just in case. otherwise, sell it on here or /7/. I doubt you'll do any better as far as price is concered, but it has a slightly better chance of going to someone that will use it.

    i'm just as sentimental about my first mesa rig. now it just sits there and I have to buy extra gear to incorporate it into my daw. i could probably get decent money for it, but i can't let it go. good luck.
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    If you can pull off getting the Ironball and keeping the old one I would go for it.

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    I absolutely love the Gigmaster head I have. Perfect recording and "House" amp. I could never get rid of it. That being said, I too want one of these new Ironball heads as well though.....I'm going to wait until some kid buys one and gets tired of it and try to get one used.
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    Pretty much everyone I've asked is telling me just go for it.

    I don't know why I'm so hesitant? I'm an Engl whore, I know I'll dig it, and I'll use it. I guess maybe I don't like having redundant gear? Sold off loads of pedals last year because I wasn't getting much use out of them, and I get the feeling that I just wouldn't get much use out of the Gigmaster any longer if I picked up the Ironball.

    I think I'm getting it one way or another, but I do want to find a new home for the Gigmaster and it would go a far bit towards the Ironball.

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    So, nobody at all seems interested in the Gigmaster, not even a whiff of an offer. So I've figured a plan, trade it in against a Pod HD500, then get Ironball. I'll have my much needed Pod, and I can save towards the Ironball without worrying about having too much gear around. Sorted.

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    Plan approved sistah


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