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Thread: Axe-Edit 1.9 Beta is out!

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    Axe-Edit 1.9 Beta is out!

    FAS links:



    MG Mirrors:



    Notes from FAS:

    Quote Originally Posted by FAS


    Today, we released Axe-Edit 1.9 beta for Firmware 10.

    The new version of Axe-Edit is compatible only with Axe-Fx II firmware version 10.

    Here are some important notes.

    The new polling paradigm changes the Axe-Edit workflow. You no longer need to SYNC with the hardware; preset names are polled automatically on startup. All values shown in Axe-Edit are polled in real-time from the connected Axe-Fx. It is no longer possible to use the application without an Axe-Fx connected. Whereas previously, one could never be sure that "what you saw was what you heard was what you saved," we can now ensure confidence in this most critical aspect of a software editor -- a step forward. Complex interactive parameter values are now shown accurately onscreen. Likewise, front panel changes are shown on screen without the need to manually refresh. Whereas previous crises resulted in widespread fear of "corruption," this problem should be eliminated if the software works as designed.

    That said.

    Axe-Edit 1.9 is NOT the re-write we've been anticipating. It was created by patching up the 1.x version for compatibility with Firmware 10 and our new paradigm. Axe-Edit 1.9 is offered as an unsupported beta. It contains bugs, though we believe those which might cause data loss have been solved or identified. Meanwhile, work on a total re-write of Axe-Edit is underway with a new software team. The result will be a high-performance, bug-free editor due out later this year, to be released as Axe-Edit 3.0.

    Here are the most important issues to be aware of:

    1. Only the AXE-FX Source is fully supported. When using PRESET FOLDER source, pressing SAVE will save to your Axe-Fx instead of your computer; When using BANK FILE source, pressing SAVE will save to your Axe-Fx instead of your computer. The latter problem is thought to exist under Windows only. For all versions, SAVE AS:Export to Preset File does not work for BANK or PRESET FOLDER sources. (No file is created on the disk.)

    2. Creating backup banks from within Axe-Edit may be unreliable, though some testers reported no problems. Note: Backup capability will be added to Fractal-Bot by the end of April 2013. Meanwhile, for 100% reliability, use MIDI-OX or Snoize, or use the onboard BACKUP utilities located inside the Axe-Fx (UTILITY menu, PRESET page).

    3. An issue makes this beta slower and less smooth than previous versions. Working too quickly can cause various problems. Many of these can be solved by selecting another block in the grid, then returning to the one you were previously working on. Watching the MIDI I/O indicators and waiting for operations to continue can help you avoid problems.

    4. Some beta testers had problems with constant crashing, for example, when selecting the CAB block or loading a new preset. These were solved by restoring a clean system backup to their Axe-Fx. Note that this overwrites all user cabs in your hardware. This file can be downloaded from

    5. Hue/Sat/Bright/Contrast sliders in GUI prefs are disabled.

    6. After COPY X to Y, values on screen may be incorrect. Manually change X/Y switches or change to a new block and back to refresh

    7. Axe-Edit Total Sync is problematic. It is recommended that this be left disabled (under Settings/MIDI).

    8. Axe-Manage may have undocumented bugs. Be sure to have backups of any data that you handle using this application.

    9. Other issues are detailed in release notes (note that release notes may refer to version 2.0, a status which this beta did not attain.)

    Again, we must emphasize strongly that this release is an interim stop-gap solution while our new software team under Cliff's leadership continues to work on an all-new version of Axe-Edit. We will keep you informed about this project here.


    A legacy version compatible with Axe-Fx II FW 7 and earlier will be made available on our web site.
    "Transitional" Axe-Fx II firmware versions 8 and 9 will never be supported by Axe-Edit.

    A legacy version compatible with Axe-Fx Ultra and Axe-Fx Standard will be made available on our web site.

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    ME: JP6 / Carvin CS4
    MA: Martin DC-1E
    Rig: Axe-Fx II XL

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    Note to the numerous guests: is not affiliated with Fractal Audio in any way, other than that I drink beers once in a great while with Cliff and consider him a friend. These links and updates are just here to help people out who may be having trouble getting them from the FAS servers.

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    thanks to Fractal for releasing this when im going to be away at a training camp all weekend....

    at least i know what 100% of my Sunday evening will be spent doing

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    so, i can upload the new preset bank using axe edit 1.9?

    i'd like to check out some of the new crap. i never use presets so i haven't loaded literally any preset since i've purchased it. i've actually never loaded a bank before on either ultra or axe2 hah

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    Location: Boston, MA
    ME: JP6 / Carvin CS4
    MA: Martin DC-1E
    Rig: Axe-Fx II XL

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    You could do that with Midi-Ox or SysEx Librarian all along, but yeah - you can send the new banks with AE.

    Go into Axe-manage, go to banks, right click it (the updated bank file), send to Axe-Fx, follow the prompts.

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    Updated everything tonight with the new FW
    gotta say the new 5150 models f'n kill
    the USA Lead amps are much more lively
    My JVM patches sound freaking huge.
    this was worth the wait.
    Axe Edit seems to be working ok..... no disasters as of yet.
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    It's working, but, since installing it, my soundcard's been behaving a little strangely. But FW10 sounds fucking killer. I've just been dicking around with some of the presets and I've written a cool A section using the Brown patch with the guitar volume dialed right back.

    I'm really impressed with the update. Normally, it's a bunch of stuff I never touch and I'm barely able to detect, if I'm honest. But this is very significant. The unit seems to be losing 'that Axe FX sound' and being a hyper-responsive amp simulator. Can't wait to play at volume tomorrow.

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