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Thread: Video: Mesa Boogie Mark V - Metal

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    Video: Mesa Boogie Mark V - Metal

    No real processing on this, just shoved a mic in front of the cab and whipped together a drum/bass backing for it. Two tracks L/R, and lots of downpicking.

    Fucker is stuck at 480p until I can figure out why the hell Youtube keeps crapping out on my HD uploads.

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    Just saw this on facebook. What's the track? Is it just messing around or is it something we can look forward to on a future CQ release? I only ask because I actually really liked it.

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    Whoa! that sounds great!

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    There's this cool thing called treble. You might want to try it sometime.

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    Sweet fuck that sounds amazing. Awesome playing too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dormant View Post
    ...or is it something we can look forward to on a future CQ release?.
    Surely you kid?

    Also, this sounds fucking awesome, man!
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    Pretty cool. Reminds me in some ways of my VHT (tight, aggressive, dry, sounds like you have to fight it a bit? (which I like)).

    Some kickass riffs as well.

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    That sounds great.

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