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Thread: Haggerty's Vid: Express 5:50+ vs. Mark V

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    Haggerty's Vid: Express 5:50+ vs. Mark V

    [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9n3VluIrOPI]Exp Vs Mark V - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    I still like the V better in some spots, particularly high gain, but the 5:50+ holds its own pretty well for an amp that's $1000 less, yet still American-made.

    Seems like the mixed up some of the video feed for part of the high gain samples.
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    I thought the Mark definitely sounded better for the higher gain stuff, but the Express is really awesome. The Mark just sounds so tight and focused.

    Haggerty's videos are great, one of the few guys doing demos that actually sound good and play relevant licks in regards to the tones they're using. And Don seems like the nicest guy ever

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    I would have liked to know what channels and mode settings they used. I liked the clean and crunch on the Express more... it had a little more warmth and depth, where the Mark sounded more strident. But the high gain sounded too dark and muffled on the Express, and the Mark had more bite. But strangely, that was reversed when he played the King's X riff.

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