AXE FX II Owners, Speaker cab or Powered PA?

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Thread: AXE FX II Owners, Speaker cab or Powered PA?

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    AXE FX II Owners, Speaker cab or Powered PA?

    I have never used a opwered PA with mine, but when i had my orange 4x12 with velocity power amp, i felt like my tones were lacking "balls" What would you say is the best option and why?

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    My preference is FRFR.

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    Lacking balls?

    Get a real tube amp.

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    prefer a tube power amp with a nice cab.
    though i've never used a good FRFR package so maybe that's why?

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    I'm running mine into the back of an old Peavey Studio Chorus 210 loaded with Eminence Ragin Cajuns. Sounds great with plenty of balls but I'm only rocking out the spare bedroom in a residential neighborhood.
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    I plug into a cab for the simplicity of live use. Many "live sound engineers" can't handle a good DI signal from a guitar modeler or don't wish to be bothered with connecting one. It sounds great.

    I still think a model is nothing but a model and is not the real thing. The gap is closing, but it will never be closed (truly), even though it may become indistinguishable eventually. The point of a modeler is a high flexibility:cost ratio. And blinky lights.

    So replace any one component of the digital/modeled signal chain with a real component and you make that part of the signal "real," but fixed, and likely more expensive.

    My Peavey 4x12 will never sound like a Mesa 4x12, but it will sound like a real Peavey 4x12 with an SM57 on it at a gig. I'm fine with that to avoid the hassles I've encountered.

    Anyway, you can make either work, just pick what works for you and spend the time to make it sound excellent.
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    output 1: tube power amp>4x12's
    output 2: powered monitors

    I had to RTFM before I getting the signals for both outputs dialed in appropriately.
    pretty satisfied with the results. this is with the ultra, though. haven't tried this
    with the II, though i'm guessing i'll be able to achieve similar.

    I think it's a matter of preference. in my case, it was pleasant to find out that
    running the ultra through a tube power amp and cabs produced favorable results.
    If you can, try both options thoroughly. you may find that you like both, in which
    case the II will allow you to run them simultaneously.
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    The new Atomic powered cabs are getting a lot of praise. They reportedly deliver all the volume and oomph of a conventional guitar rig. But they are still FRFR. They sound like an ideal solution to me.

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