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Thread: Fremen's V10 Axe-Fx II Presets

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    Fremen's V10 Axe-Fx II Presets

    Holy shit. The stuff at the beginning the standard faire of cool tones, but around the midway mark he comes up with some incredible sounding stuff using expression pedals and synth blocks.

    Check out 12:30 or so. You change the synth chord with the expression pedal. Right after it is an awesome Floyd style one with all sorts of atmospheric stuff.

    [VIDEO]]Fremen's V10 axe Fx presets - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    He uploaded the whole pack here:

    Fremen's guitar blog: Presets for firmware 10

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    Holy fuck, that's impressive.

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    Wow, I expected to just find it a bit gimmicky and amost pointless, but that sounds absolutely lovely to play over. It's a shame you can't somehow generate the chords on the fly, instead of playing over the same programmed ones, but still sounds huge fun.

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    well, 8 scenes+2 synth blocks+2 pitch shifters=lots of chords

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