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    Caline effect pedals

    Hi all

    I recently saw on the french forums (yeah, I know, I was born this way, not my fault) that once more, "made in china" copies of effect pedals were made. Except this time, they are copying more boutique stuff than the eternal TS9 / DD3 etc.

    In theory, their CP-17 (or CP 19, it's exactly the same but in a smaller box) is supposed to be a copy of Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay. Their CP-18 is a BB preamp clone, etc. At 30$ a pop, incl. shipping, from this chinese website that offers tracking for 2$ when you pay via paypal. Some just went up today at 60$ it seems.

    The feedback on the french boards is pretty good, our own corcksniffer legion matched the copies to the originals and it's the same schematics and same values, with decent quality components.

    CP 19 test HERE and this guy has a few more tests on his channel.

    Anyone has any experience with those? I wanted a delay to fill up space on my pedal board so I ordered the CP-17 and it should arrive in 2 weeks, by foot from China it seems.

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    It seems to be a less cool version of what Mooer does. Let us know what you think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    It seems to be a less cool version of what Mooer does. Let us know what you think.
    It's way cheaper though, but it might go the Mooer route - start at 30$ and rocket up afterwards depending on hype. Some have already doubled in price :/

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    Bumping this because of new pedal day.

    I received in the mail today my caline Time Space delay pedal (CP-17).

    Uploaded with

    Quick review:

    It took around 2 weeks to arrive. The pedal is very solid, the pots turn freely and smoothly, the switch is sturdy and the true bypass seems real (no hidden buffer). everything seems solid, but you need a screwdriver to open it up for a battery.

    Regarding sound, 3 pots: Mix, Repeat and Time.
    When you turn on the pedal (wear sunglasses, the blue led is intense), the signal seems preserved - no loss of highs, lows, volume change, etc.

    - The first setting (MIX) tunes the level of the first repeat. Around 2/3rd of the way, the first repeat will be as loud as the initial signal. So you can get a louder repeat than the initial signal, but you will always keep the true sound the same, you can't take it away.

    - The second pot (Repeat) sets the number of repeats (duh). Around 3/4th of the way, you enter infinite loop - repeats have the same volume as the initial signal and seem to keep on indefinatly. Turning it higher however makes the pedal seem to pick up its own repeats and gets louder and louder...

    - The last pot (Time) sets the actual delay. Goes up to 600 ms.

    The sound is really good, it's supposed to be a clone of a Mad Professor but since I never actually had one I can't confirm that. I would say the repetitions are warmer, less than the boss DD7 a friend of mine had. It almost seems like there is a mini reverb on the repetitions. I only toyed around for like 15 minutes but it seems really solid, and for now I like the sound. Also, there is no noise at all (unlike my EHX reverb which quickly found a way out of a board and that needs to be replaced...).

    I am not good with delays, so I suppose this review sucks However, the pedal sounds good to my ears and seems solid. For 30€ or so, I think it's a great tool for someone that wants to get to know delays and possibly acquire new taste in modulation pedals. If you have questions, shoot - I can try to help. I dont have a good sound recording set-up so I'd forward you to the youtube test of the CP-19 (=CP17 in a smaller box) linked in the first post of the thread. He doesn't go into the crazy settings I described but it sounds like the real one.

    (PS: got my Jemini 2 weeks ago, didn't post a NPD but I can post one if there is interest... this pedal rocks.)

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    Thank you for your sharing.

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    Thanks for the review. Is it analog or digital?

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    To the guy above me, I believe the CP-19 is an analog/digital hybrid and the CP-17 is digital according to their site.

    Sorry to resurrect an older thread, but I was looking for input on this pedal since I was thinking of getting one. Just wondering what the OP thinks after having more time with it.

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