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Thread: new guy,amp rant

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    new guy,amp rant

    i know it's hard to come up with the big coin to score a really high end amp. i have spent a bunch of money trying almost everything out there a metal guitarist would want. a good typical high gain head is a grand minimum. get into the more exotic stuff and you are into the 2-3k territory. i have a room full of some of the best high gain heads. been beating the pittbull ultraleads like the dog it is for a couple of years thinking nothing would top them. diezel herbert came close (best bro likes it better) but isn't as tight. the modded stuff came close (cobra/marshalls/recto/etc) but still....i had heard it before. the vht/diezel are unique tones. i hate sounding like everyone else.

    the dar fbm is by far and away the king of the room now. the tone is something you have to hear in the room to get it. face melting!! the gate is brilliant!! he gave me three fire-breathers for all three metal channels. no crunch/rythm/lead b.s. also scored a tuzzia 4 channel proto as a backup. these big bottles in the power section are the shiznit. seriously, guys....this amp is crazy sounding. and having spent a lot of time with mike from dar, i can tell you that he is a brilliant mofo. i will buy anything he is willing to build for me. was gonna go for a forza to finish the line up, but think i will ask for a power amp instead.....

    i know a lot of us chase tone. or chase ultimate gear of some kind. tho i was perfectly happy with the vht/diezel/engl/framus/etc, i am very glad i scored the dar amps. they opened me up from neck to groin, and spilled my entrails. know, that with my speaker setup that my tone sounds like angels wings being ripped off and made into sausage.

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    meat in a can?
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    Wirelessly posted ()


    Now, maybe when DAR fixes their backlog and insane waiting period and gets amps to everyone who sent them money years ago, it might actually be worth ordering one.
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    I just wish I could get enough coin scratched up for a fucking Peavey VK100 or something better than this old, shitty, noisy, solid state Crate GFX212. Congrats!

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    DAR is yet another brand with pissed off customers all over the Internet. Not someone I'd care to deal with.
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    Is this rottingcorpse from the Dean forums?

    I played a DAR Forza at NAMM a couple years back and was blown away. Got to play one of Frederik from Meshuggah's LACS 7-string's into it and couldn't believe how immediate the attack was. I agree, you can't tell unless you're in the room and since I've yet to hear one (aside from Ola's) on a quality recording.

    [VIDEO]]DAR Amp at NAMM 2011 - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    It's too bad shit got fucked up with DAR because they really had something killer going. I hope Mike can catch up and square things away.

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    I think the issue is that the product itself is FAR too complex for a small shop, and he did the age-old thing of accepting WAY too many pre-orders.

    I mean, with the LEDs, the dynamic lighting, all the knobs, buttons, and switches, they're complex and expensive amps, and he bit off WAY more than he could chew.

    Hell, I'd just love to have a Tuzzia.

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