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Thread: Laney IRT Studio?

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    Laney IRT Studio?

    Ok, so my Engl Gigmaster 15 is probably on it's way out, because after spotting the Engl Ironball 20 I've been completely in GAS mode.

    But wait! A challenger appears!


    I've never really gone for Laney before, but after looking at the IRT Studio, this seems like it's really up my alley. For a small, 15 watt amp amp, there's an insane amount of features, 3 channels, and even USB The only thing it's missing is Midi functions! Fred's video makes it sound really good, so I'm certainly impressed:

    [VIDEO]]Fred Brum - Laney Ironheart Studio - Vortex - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    So now my dilema pops up, should I aim for a Laney IRT Studio? Or keep gunning for the Engl Ironball?

    My main amp is still the Engl Invader, and I absolutely love it. I like a nice bright tone, so I'm half wondering what do you guys who've played the Laney think, would it get close to that kinda sound? Price wise, I know the Laney is nearly half the price of the Engl, but I don't really want that to be a factor.
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    I would personally go for the Laney. I've tried the bigger Ironhearts and they were really great amps. I'm horrible at articulating specifics in tone so I'll let someone more fluent than myself to describe how the Laney felt, but the best way I can put it is that it did feel crunchy but more contemporary than say a Marshall or Orange kind of head. Definitely dig it. I'm an ENGL guy myself, as my main amp is a Savage, but for the size and the functionality that you get out of it, the studio wins in a heartbeat. The ENGL does have a much more tight saturated tone, but the Ironheart was great.

    The biggest win for me personally is the emulated out to be honest, being able to plug in direct live whilst also driving a cab, all from a 2U rackmount is unbeatable. That, and even though money isn't a factor, having money leftover is definitely a plus.

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    If these are like the heads, which they should be, the gain is tight-tight-tight, but pretty dry. I'm not fond of the onboard boost, use a standalone OD if you want to.

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    Damnit! Now I've got GAS for one!

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    yup, I'm gassing for one of these too - i saw Killswitch last sunday in Shepherds Bush, and they f**king slayed. their tone through the IronHearts was ball tingling.

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    ME: EBMM JP7
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    Thanks folks

    Yeah, functions and price wise, the Laney defintely seems the business, but when it comes down to it, tone is probably gonna be the deciding factor. That's realistically what it's gonna come down to.

    My problem is, nowhere does Engl in Ireland any more as far as I know, and I think there was only one place that did Laney as well that's long shut up shop. Recession seems to have hit music shops here the worst, even some of the bigger places in Dublin look to be really suffering. So I'll probably have to wait until I go over to London again to try 'em out.

    Anyone know of places in London that'll stock the Engl Ironball and the Laney IRT Studio?

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    Location: wickford
    ME: RG 1550
    MA: ROFL
    MB: Dafuq?!
    Rig: Mesa Mark IV, Recto 2x12

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    Hi Dr.Girlfriend, i think Digital Village in London stocks the 60 and 120 watt heads and you could probably try them in store - but they don't seem to have the rack version. have a look at, should have a contact number if you want to give them a call. they have about 3 or 4 just on the outskirts of london. i dont think they stock the Engl your after, but you could try PMT as well - they are just down the road from the romford digital village - but they tend to stock a lot of blackstars and not much else whenever i've been in.

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    A lot of the clips I've heard have been quite buzzy and over-compressed. Found this though

    The Sky Was The Limit - Laney IRT-Studio recording and reamping demo - YouTube

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