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Thread: String preferences??

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    String preferences??

    I haven't seen this as a topic anywhere so I thought I'd see what everyone likes. What brands and gauges do you prefer for each tuning etc. I've used Diaddario for years but I've been thinking of trying something different. The Cobalts look interesting as do the DR hi-beams. Thoughts??

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    Elixir 10-52 on everything, with a 68 B on the 7s.

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    Elixir 9-42 on my 25.5 scale guitars, Elixir 9-46 on the 24.75 scale ones. When I had a 7, I'd run a 56 or 60 on the low string.

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    Elixir 10-46s on my 24.75" scale guitars, Elixir 9-42s on my 25.5" scale guitars.
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    Elixir 10-46s on everything, with a 68 low B on my sevens. On acoustics, Daddario phosphor bronze EXPs, and on my bass Daddario XL EXPs. I want to try their electric strings too, but not until they offer a seven string set (preferrably one with at least a 60-2 B) or individual strings.
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    Thanks for the replies. I may need to try some Elixer's it seems. I use 10-46 on my 24.75 scale's and 9-42 on 25.5 btw.

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    Ernie Ball Cobalts 10-52 for me. Standard E-Tuning. Works and feels good.

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    There's LOTS of threads on the subject... If you put "strings" in the thread's "title only" advanced search... But hey, that's the kind of subject guitar players like to discuss over and over again, so there's no harm.

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    That beeing said, I use Dunlop 10-52's or 10-46's.
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