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Thread: Emergency amp advice

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    Emergency amp advice

    Amp crapped out and I need a new amp pronto. For the weekend.
    Not many options localy.. these 3 amps are all priced the same ($400ish)

    Fender mustang V with matching cab

    Peavy 6505+ 112 combo

    Peavy valveking 212 combo

    Older Peavy supreme 160 stack

    I play mostly metal... Gigs here and there, and lots of band practice. Need something that v can keep up with my drummer.
    thanks in advance!

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    6505+ combo, and later add a cab (unless you already have one, then use it with that), and then replace the combo with another head when you can.

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    6505 or Supreme.

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    Takes a shitload of tweaking to make a Valveking do decent metal, so I'd go with the 6505. I dunno about the Supreme.

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    I'd go with the supreme, if you play old school metal, the 6505 if newer shit.
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