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    Amp head, help (recording)

    Whats up guys,

    I'm new here to the forums and hope to be active as well, I have a somewhat quick question for you but I do want to explain all the details so you can give me a better answer so bare with me.

    Ok, so I have a little "project studio" that I've been running for a few years now and I need some advice (i'm not a guitar player).

    here is my studio for those interested.

    So me and my brother (guitar player) have been working on a new rig for recording, we wanted something low wattage and very isolated in the studio for the best experience so we built an Iso box to record in, pics below

    Here is the inside prior to insulating

    And after insulation (minus the top)

    My brother grabbed a Celestion evh 12" speaker and we got a seismic audio empty 1x12 cab to throw it in, seen below

    Now, the box is incredible... You can faintly hear noise coming out of the box when I put a speaker in there at 90db's and sonically it cleans up the tones very nice.

    My issue is what head to run on this setup, of course I know it's subjective and what sounds the best but being as this is the place that metal gurus come I figured you all may have some good insight.

    What we have:

    So we have a blackstar ht-5 1x10" combo (a year before they came out with the 12) that we can run bypass into this cab we have... And we have run these together but it just isn't meaty enough.... I will caveat this by saying we haven't tried this setup in the Iso box yet and it will change the tone once in there.

    We also have a line 6 bogner design head but it's 100w's and we don't want to blow the speaker, however, we've looked into getting an attenuator like the hotplate or the mass lite 100 but that's pretty much why I'm here, for recommendations.

    Is an attenuator a viable option to run the speaker with the bogner?
    Should I save and get the 5150 III since its matched to this speaker?
    Find another low wattage head?
    Or since it's so "boutique" should I just have my bro take his axe and the cab to GC and have him toy with the heads?

    Even if you say we should just go try stuff out, please leave advice on what you think he should try so we can narrow it down.

    Thanks for reading!!

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    5153 50w would be my choice, or, even more of choice, Laney IRT-Studio.


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    Awesome, I'll check out the laney... In all honesty I'm leaning towards the 5153 but the money is killing me haha.

    Will be tracking with the blackstar into the evh this weekend so hopefully it will sound great and this will be a moot point.

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