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    NRD (AMT, MXR, Blackstar)

    First of all, hi all! Long time lurker, first time poster. So...

    New Rig Day!

    So... long story short: I've played Line 6 POD's for all my guitar playing life. I also have a Peavey Valveking with an external cabinet loaded with V30's.
    This rig gave me versatility and kept me happy for awhile...

    However, the POD (X3 Live) tone started to get on my nerves (either muddy or fizzy)!
    And about the Valveking... It provided good poweramp for the POD and some good cleans, but that was it.
    Also, I don't gig anymore... so enter the new rig:

    Everybody knows the Cry Baby... on to the interesting bits:

    Pre-amp - AMT F-1: It's the center piece of my new rig. Provides great cleans, glassy and smooth... I was a bit skeptical about it and was prepared to send it back to Thomann but it does everything AMT says it does. It's incredible and I highly recommend it!

    Power-amp - EHX 22 Caliber: It's the small brother of the 44 Magnum, no longer in production. It's small and doesn't color the tone too much, provides more than enough power to play at home (and some gigs... depending on the drummer and the size of the venue.)

    Delay - Harley Benton Digital Delay: It's a rebranded Joyo delay. Altough it is called "Digital Delay" it behaves like an analog delay. It's warm and pleasant to the ears. For 30 you can't go wrong (let's see how long it last...)

    Noise gate/Loop pedal - MXR Noise Clamp: Now this one... it's a noise gate that acts upon the pedals on it's own loop. It reads the input signal and gates the sound in the loop acording to it. Inside there's a switch for the on/off button to act in two different ways: turn on/off the gate; turn on/off the gate and active the loop only when the gate is on. Exactly what I needed for...

    In the Noise Clamp loop, there's a:

    Blackstar HT Dual: Great distortion, very similar to the HT-5 (the HT-5 is the HT-Dual with a 5 watt valve power amp, right?)

    Harley Benton Vintage Overdrive: Another rebranded Joyo pedal, a replica of the TS808. It's not "good for a 30 pedal". It's really, really good!

    For the time being I'm extremely happy with this rig. It's small and portable, totally pedalboard based. It's versatile enough, the cleans are stellar (really... AMT should be given a lot more credit!) and the distortion is really good! I can get warm overdriven tones, great crunch and brutal tones too.
    If there's one thing I'm missing is tightness but I was after a more "vintage" tone. I may get some AMP P1/P2 or one of the new Amptweaker TightMetal Pro down the line...

    And that's it. There's a lot of pedals here that usually spark guitarist's interest, so if you have any questions, please indulge in your curiosity!

    Also, depending on the interest, soundclips may follow!

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    I'd like to hear some clips if you have any.

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