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    {- NAD -}

    Should have got one of these years ago. Finally found the 210H version used locally.
    I love the eq voicing and how settings are still relevant when sharing the eq's between modes.

    I basically have 4 settings banked in the footswitch. It works out great. (and I'm not a big channel switcher or footswitch user)
    1. Clean green w/ reverb
    2. OD green
    3. OD orange w/reverb
    4. OD red w/ reverb

    The amp is in fair shape, some small defects like a sticky clean/crunch button and a small tolex tear on the front right side.

    The clean channel is nice, but don't use it much or it's pushed od sounds from the clean orange or red modes.
    Clean green is sparkles and chimes. With reverb it's very pleasant, which is how I run it.

    OD green is the lightest gain and does fine job handling raunchy dry crunch tones for alt rock or classic rock stuff.

    I love OD orange, and stay there mostly. OD red is CRAZY. Too much!

    The high gain tones are very tight and the lows are massive and always in check. It's got that classic Marshall midrange that we love. For some reason no other amp company can mimic that certain Marshall mid roar.
    I haven't used the loop yet, and won't be running a midi although it's capable to do so.
    I haven't had any time to open it up and inspect it, so I'll do that Sunday night after getting back from fishing. I'll also need to give it a clean, minor stuff.

    Really happy otherwise. The playability and tones are stellar and rival many amps I've owned/played.

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    Nice amp. I really love my 410h. And you are right od Red is a lot of gain.
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