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Thread: Marshall dsl15c

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    Marshall dsl15c

    Hi all just go a marshall dsl15c and i relly like the clean and crunch channels but the OD channel is very muddy and fizzy you can not get a good metal sound out of it.
    was thinking about taking it back and geting a blackstar ht-5 or any other suggestions? i what it just for home use but want a nice clean and crunch to it aswell.

    or i could just buy a nice overdrive pedal to use with the marshall?

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    You can try putting a tubescreamer in front.

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    Oh interesting, I didn't know they made a 15-watt version of that amp. Nice!

    You should be able to get SOMETHING out of that - whether or not it's exactly the right amp for you is another question (and one I recommend answering before you buy something in the future), but you should be able to at least get a decent hard rock or metal sound out of it (I always thought that amp was a little better for dark hard rock sounds, personally).

    I don't remember exactly what the rhythm settings I used on its' big brother, the TSL, but I believe it was somewhere in the ballpark of gain 6, bass 4, mids 6, treble 4. Don't use the Deep mode, it just adds mud, and leave the Tone Shift button in "normal" mode rather than scooped mode. Also, try running it as loud as you can get away with in 7.5 watt mode - volume really helps marshalls. Also, the TSL seemed to have less gain than the DSLs I've played, so you might want to try the gain a little lower, maybe 5 or 4. Too much preamp gain on a Marshall will give you instant fizz and mud, which sounds like your problem here.

    A OD as a slight boost to the front end could help, but if you're not pretty close to the sound you want already it's not going to be a silver bullet.
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    thanks for the reply im runing it on the 7.5watt mode and volume is just about 3 any louder i might get kicked out of my house lol i might get something with a lil less volume
    i have turned down the gain and it dos sound better thanks still not shur were to go with this one thow lol

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    You should try a tube screamer or alternatively a boss super overdrive. It really depends on the type of metal you play. What exactly are you trying to play wih it? For more moderne ones I'd go tube screamer but for darker 80s thrash oor old achool death id go super overdrive
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    not relly modern ultra-tight chug but more like new sylosis stuff and metallica

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    Try boosting the green crunch channel with an overdrive. That or the first red channel

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