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Thread: Rocktron MidiMate w/Axe-Fx II

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    Rocktron MidiMate w/Axe-Fx II

    I had one of these a while ago and liked it, so I picked up another one for my second rig. I was tempted to get another MFC-101, but since I already have one, the $800 or so is too irresponsible even for me... Keeping with my Quig's Simple Second Jamming Rig theme, this little guy is about $200:

    [VIDEO]] Rocktron Midi Mate Multi Function Midi Foot Controller: Musical Instruments[/VIDEO]

    And it does the job perfectly. Despite the somewhat clunky interface, it's actually pretty easy to set up. The 4 buttons across the top are assigned to the effects that I use the most (and matches my MFC101 layout, minus one button), plus the tuner in the same basic spot that it lives on the 101. The bottom row is my 5 main presets (a clean, two rhythms and two leads).

    Cheap and easy, nice and clean looking. I believe that it can grab phantom power from the Axe-Fx using pin 6+7, but since I already had a spare 5-pin cable I opted not to use it and just have it plugged into my rack power strip.

    Here's a great video on how to set it up with the Axe as well:

    [VIDEO]]Gear // Rocktron Midi Mate // Fractal Audio Axe FX Tutorial - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    Less buying, more recording solos.

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    might get one of these at some point. saw them before but I've been waiting on a reliable review.

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