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    So I used my new direct rig for the first time live on Saturday night.

    It's actually more simple than it looks.

    Line 6 G90 Relay wireless -> Korg tuner -> Dunlop rack wah -> Fryette GP3 preamp -> RJM Pedal Gizmo (MIDI loop switcher) w/ MXR Carbon Copy Delay (on shelf) -> Two Notes Torpedo Live load box/cab sim -> Hosa XLR patch bay -> FOH.

    Set up takes less than 30 seconds, everything fits in the rack (including wah controller and Tech 21 MIDI Mouse). I stay on one channel of the GP3, and use the MIDI Mouse to switch between (rhythm) preset 1 (volume -8db, loop off) and (Lead) preset 2 (volume at unity, loop on) - volume changes are done on the Two Notes Torpedo Live. Load offstage is almost as quick. It's about as plug and play as you can get, and the sound stays consistent night after night.

    The Torpedo Live has power amp sims, mic sims (with parameters for near/far/ and center/offcenter, both in the edit setting and in graphic form via free downloadable software), cab sims, and post-eq.

    It's a bit weird, because you end up playing with a sound that is more like a recording of a guitar than a live amp - it's like playing in the control room through the monitors while the amp is in another room. I record a crap ton, so it doesn't bother me much, but I could see it taking some getting used to. It's also very full frequency, so it sits very nicely in a mix, but doesn't give you the thump of standing next to a cab, and you have to be aware of taming the highs.

    I also sing, so I'm fairly tethered to my mic and monitor position anyways, so relying on the monitors for my whole guitar sound works, but if you move around a lot, YMMV.

    Overall, a lot of people were very impressed with how well it worked, and how good it sounded. My co-guitarist now plays a Carvin Legacy, so he can fill out the low end. The sound guy (who also does a ton of recording engineering) was especially impressed, both by the sound, and (as we were the direct support slot for a pair of national acts) how quick setup and teardown was.

    I'll eventually get one of the Fryette LXII 1U power amps to throw in there (the pedals will then go in the back), so I can use a cab if I want (or need) to, but for now, I'm really pleased. I'm sure that the more I play with it, the more tweaks and tricks I'll learn (Two Notes also has an excellent forum that is starting to grow).

    There's really no substitute for a great tube amp roaring behind you onstage, but this rig solves a lot of time and space problems, is very versatile, and really does sound good, especially FOH where you want it to. I'm pretty pleased.

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    Yeah, man. That thing sounded FAT! Best DI tone I think I have ever heard. The best part was when you line checked it and you could feel it coming through the subs under the stage.
    Also, I think the Legacy 3 really compliments it and really fits our sound. The only down side is that now my leads cut though more.
    And it was nice how clear the monitors sounded. I could actually hear everything perfectly for once.

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    Nice rig, man. When I used to play shows, I had a rack set up. It definitely is very convenient for set up and tear down, but it was a fucking nightmare to carry, especially when playing festivals/outdoor venues where the carpark is inevitably miles from the stage. That's actually what pushed me to go amp head and ditch the rack.

    How are you using the Two Notes? Are you using its built in sounds, downloaded impulses, or are you using your own impulses?

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    Interesting rig indeed. I'm sure the rack weighs a ton, but I'd be interested to know how much of a PITA it is to shift compared to a 4x12
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    Yeah, my rig didn't get lighter, just smaller. It's actually just a bit heavier than a 412, but the wheels are pretty robust, so the only lifts are on/off the truck and on/off the stage. For two people, it's easy peasy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cassidy View Post
    How are you using the Two Notes? Are you using its built in sounds, downloaded impulses, or are you using your own impulses?
    Right now, just using the built in sounds. They have a model for the Fryette 2x12, so it works great for me. They have a Fryette 4x12 impulse that I may download at somepoint, tho. Some of the power amp sims are a bit thin to my ears, but the mic models are pretty cool. They definitely capture the essential character of each mic - you can really tell the difference between a 421 and a 57.

    There are a lot of options, and I haven't downloaded the free software yet, so I have a ways to go tweaking-wise, but right out of the box I've been able to get a pretty good sound. Again, it's weird to only hear a direct version of your sound, but knowing everything is in one protected shock rack is nice.

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