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Thread: Who's using JamUp already?

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    Who's using JamUp already?

    Hi everyone! JR here from Positive Grid to discuss all things JamUp and JamUp PRO mobile guitar app.

    So who’s using it already? Have you replaced your physical amp and/or pedals for practicing, recording or live gigs with JamUp?


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    How well would an iphone 4 hold up with this program? I've been looking for a new phone and I'm considering switching to iphone so that I can ditch my Pod XT Live.

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    Jamup Pro

    I'm currently running it on the iPad 3.
    I used the iRig connector at first but it was noisy, then i tried the Peavey Ampkit link which is better.. Now i use the Istudio which is a mobile dock and allows the Guitar plus another input and mixers..
    As for the App
    Good range of models of Amps, Affects, pedals and can be used with the Griffin 30pin foot controller or the a Bluetooth pedal like Airturn...
    You can run the App in the background and use another app at the same time..
    Great App, Amazing sounds.... I recorded a Demo and my drummer ask if i'd bought new gear cause it sounded like a Tube stack... i laughed and said it was a App... As for using it live.. I couldn't help but take my pedals and Amp but I'm sure you could plug this straight into the P.A... I suggest taking a Cardboard cutout of a Marshall stack just for Show

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    We have a thread about this here:


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    You guys need to support the Blueboard. The page turning thing is kind of a kludge.
    Disclaimer: I work ultra part-time for a local music gear dealer

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