I have a hard time deciding on things. Not really sure if it is OCD, but I drive myself crazy making up my mind. That is why I'm asking for opinions.

Note: I am a beginner/intermediate player. I do not play live, but hope to eventually, so just keep that in mind reading.

Let me start with the gear I have, and why I'm upgrading. I have:
Fender Mustang III 100w Modeling amp
Digitch RP1000 connected through 4cm
Mesa Boogie Throttle Box Distortion
Crybaby From Hell
ISP Decimator

Here recently, I'm not getting a good tome out of my Mustang. Like something changed. I tried resetting the RP1000 and redoing my presets. That wasn't it. Finally, I just plugged my pedals into the amp and unhooked the RP1000. Still not right. I tried a basic clean, and there it was. The infamous Mustang Fizz issue. That would explain my my distortion sounded off. So now, I need to get a new amp.

So far, I have discovered the Peavey Vypyr VIP series. I looked at the Vypyr series before, and chose Mustang due the FX loop, but the new VIP series is really interesting due to the bass and acoustic amp settings. If I get the Vypyr VIP, I can also sell my Fender Rumble 75 bass amp to help pay for it and downsize my practice gear.

The issue with the Vypyr is that my RP1000 would basically be useless, and I would have to get the Sanpera II to get all the usage out of it. Would it be worth selling the RP1000 to get the Sanpera? I mean I really only use the RP1000 for the Mesa Double Rec, Triple Rec, 5150 amp models anyways, or mostly I just use a real clean sound and use my Mesa Throttle Box pedal so it isnt like I get full usage out of my RP1000, but it always nice to have that option.

Another part of me thinks if I'm going to spend $200 on the VIP 2 or $300 on the VIP 3, and add $200 for the Sanpera II, that money could be used on a nice tube combo amp. The budget the I have for this is basically what I can sell, so it has to be pretty cheap.

So, what I would like from all of you, is give me your opinion on what you would do if you was in my situation. Would you get the Vypyr VIP and be able to sell bass amp, Vypyr VIP w/Sanpera and sell the RP1000 and bass amp, or is there another amp that you recommend either tube or solid state?

Right now, part of me is saying sell the RP1000 and the bass amp, and get the Vypyr VIP 3 w/Sanpera II.