fretboard looks faded/washed out

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Thread: fretboard looks faded/washed out

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    fretboard looks faded/washed out

    Take a look at my Ibanez rosewood fretboard (bottom one). I got this brand new and it not as dark as other rosewood boards ive seen. it has a faded look to it

    I put my other guitar there to show the difference.

    Is there a way to get it darken like my other guitar? or should i leave it alone?

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    You can oil it, which should deepen the colour a bit.

    "Rosewood" comes from several different species of tree comes in lots of different shades and colours, from gold to brown to purple. Just because it's "rosewood" doesn't mean every board looks the same.

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    it does feel a little dry too. i have some dunlop lemon oil i tried on an old ibanez and it looks fantastic now.

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    Guitar Honey

    [VIDEO]] Gerlitz GEGHO Guitar Honey Fingerboard Oil: Musical Instruments[/VIDEO]

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    Daren is correct. I have 4-5 different colored pieces of rosewood drying in heat box right now. They come from all over the world.

    There are many things you can do to it but here is what I usually do to an old fingerboard.

    First I would clean it. I use a very diluted ivory soap & water mix. I flip the guitar face down so the water doesn't wick down into the grain so fast. Doing around 5 frets at a time, dip a sm. scrub brush into the soapy water mix scrubbing away at a block of frets at a time. After doing a block of frets, you need to clear off the wet muck. I then take a clean paper towel and absorb the water before it starts to soak in. Then I move onto the next five frets. After being finished cleaning it with the brush, I take a damp paper towel and clean the entire fingerboard. From there, I take an old t-shirt and put a little bit of mineral spirits on it and wipe the entire board down again. Use a light colored shirt so you can be sure you are still removing grime. When nothing comes off, your done. From there, I let it dry over night. Sometimes I place it aiming toward the sun for 30min.

    The next day you can do a few things to it but I would experiment on a few frets first. Most likely I would linseed oil it. I never tried lemon oil but I'm sure it would work. Grape seed oil is another. Let it sit 5min. between coats and hit it again. I would apply coats 3-4 times then wipe it off with a clean paper towel.

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    If that board is anything like my RG7620's was, it will suck honey like a whore on Kensington Ave until you give her her fill.

    Apply whatever oil product you've purchased, gently smooth it around with a lint free cloth, and watch it soak in. Then do it again. And again. Until the oil just won't penetrate anymore. Then wipe it all clean. You'll be good until the next string change.
    Making metal every night and day.

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    the fretboard isnt really dirty at all but i guess a clean wouldn't hurt. i'll try the lemon oil and see how that goes.
    thanks guys

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