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Thread: [Advice on how to] Pick a Pick?

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    [Advice on how to] Pick a Pick?

    Ok. I've been playing for roughly 8 years now, and have decided to go back and re-vamp my technique. I have used the (Dunlop) Jazz III (black, nylon) for years, but recently started using the (Dunlop) .88 mm Green Tortex Jazz picks. The only issue is, I've also started up using the Standard .73 mm Yellow Tortex picks as well; and I love them. (at least for rhythm playing)

    To get to the question: What picks do you guys use, and why? I used the Jazz III because it made playing leads much easier for me, but my rhythm playing suffered, so I switched to the Green tortex to compensate. That was going well until my wrist started hurting, then I switched to the Standard Yellow Tortex. The Yellow one makes rhythm VERY easy, but leads are much harder. UGGGGH!
    I just want some advice/opinions on your pick choice and on where you think I should go with mine.


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    Advice? Try as many as you can, expect to change your mind a million times, and eventually just hone in on something you like.

    I'm using the white Metalguitarist.org jazz-sized picks right now, and basically I've found that something jazz-sized in the .7-1.0 range works pretty well for me.
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    Thank you. And trust me, I've already changed my mind a million times. I really like jazz-sized picks, they just tend to hurt my wrist when I'm trying to trem-pick (especially palm-muted). One thing I know for sure is that I like the tone of Tortex picks more than any other material I've used.
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    I use the dunlop max grip nylon picks in .70. The enhanced grip helps keep the pick in my fingers without falling and I like the thickness because I am heavy in the pick hand and tend to break a lot of strings if I go higher than that thickness. They do tend to wear out a little faster than others but I just love em anyway.
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    Pickboy Nylon 66 "reefer" in .77 to 1.0. You can hang onto them when your sweaty because of the leaf pattern and there is just enough give in the .77 for rhythm and enough bite for leads. You can refine and go a little stiffer if you want.

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    Attachment 11427 I like these, there thick but they flex IDK there weird. Really good grip.
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    Thanks guys. One other thing I forgot to mention, I do A LOT of 8-finger tapping stuff, and I like to be able to slide the pick up so I can still tap with my index. (a la Kiko Louriero) The Dava looks really cool, but it might grip TOO much for that? (I don't know, I've never used one)

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