Just gonna share my thoughts quick about this pickup I recently put in. Attachment 11435
The guitar is all maple with rosewood fretboard. I've always been an emg guy, so I'm pretty much stubborn as hell. But I gotta tell ya, this thing is just killer... The pickup itself I had to sorta stuff in there. It's a bit bulky.

I run an 81x in another guitar, and it's an awesome sounding pickup for sure, but when compared next to each other, the Lundgren just crushes in the low end, the highs are really smooth. A bit less abrasive than the 81.
The mids have a nice growl to them. I'm actually considering swapping my other pickup to one as well.

The harmonics are effortless. I get Huge amounts of gain outta this thing, without sounding muddy. It stays super focused

In the next few days I'll try to get some vid together as comparison between the two.