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Thread: NAD & NPAD MESA\m/

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    NAD & NPAD MESA\m/

    While I was happy with my Marshall 9200/DT 2120 sound, I found myself wanting a more raw, brutal, sound. I have no need for all the effects, bells and whistles that the 2120 has, nor will I ever be competent enough to use them all proficiently, lol! After much research I ordered a Mesa Boogie Simul-Class 2:90 power amp and a Mesa Boogie Rectifier Recording pre amp from a local mom&pop shop, the only Boogie dealer in our state. I was told to expect a 60-90 day wait, no problem, I'm patient, got a good rig already so let the waiting begin. Last Friday(day 89, but who's counting, lol!) I finally got the call and took off on the 2 hour drive to the store. I spent Friday night re-wiring speaker cabs to match the Boogie and getting stuff mounted in my rack. Saturday was dial-in day, I still have a ways to go, but at this point, holy fuck there are not enough expletives to describe the sound and I still haven't turned it up past 2 yet, absolutely insane

    The heart of my rig-

    added some some refinements I had lying around-

    I should add that I didn't buy the Recto Recording for it's direct recording capabilities, I'll use that for basic recording so I don't forget what I'm writing. Any serious recording will be done mic'ing my cabs. The live side of the pre-amp is nothing short of pure brutality. It does exactly what I need, no more. Each mode, raw, vintage, and modern, is amazing in it's own right and provides all the flexibility I should ever need. What little experimenting I've done so far with the clean channel is impressive.

    The 2:90 is an absolute monster, add the 3 different voicings, 1/2, modern, deep, and the ability to stack them, you have a machine capable ripping the heads off elephants and igniting them. I do want to try adding a boost in front for just a bit more, but that can wait a bit, I've got a bit more dialing in to do

    While I would like to add a sound clip, I do not have the capability or ability to do that just yet.

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    Damn dude! How does it sound compared to a Recto Head?

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    IMHO, in modern voicing on both the pre amp and amp it sounds more like the dual rec roadster, then stack the deep voicing of the amp on it and it adds a cool MKV flavor. Definitely some very cool tonal options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KentuckyThrash View Post
    Forgive my ignorance, but can you play the preamp through headphones and still get cranked tube tone?
    Not really. It will sound thinner. In the case of that preamp, it will probably sound kind of fuzzy. The Recto magic is in the poweramp, not the preamp.
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    Some serious hardware there.
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