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Thread: Speaker Cabinet Sound Difference

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    Speaker Cabinet Sound Difference

    I have a couple of 2x12 Carvin cabs. Both with the Celestion V30s, all wired up the same way. 8ohms. From factory. Wiring colors and connections all match. But one cab is really bass heavy and the other has little low end.

    I can understand a slight difference, but these cabs are very very different. The one with the low end, if I stick my ear up to it, it sounds like the high end is there like the other one so it's not like there is a cross over in there that is limiting frequencies.

    Anyone have any suggestions? Is there a way to test the speakers to see if maybe one set is *really* broke in or something. I have not tested phase on the speaker cabs. I am going to do that this weekend. Since I run both of them at the same time on top of each other I didnt notice until I only used one at a gig. Then I noticed it was really boomy. So I tried them separately at home.

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    Phase issues? Although that typically affects the low end...
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    I am going to check the phase on the cabinets, but since they are both from the factory, I would imagine that is correct. My only other thought is speaker break in. The cabs are of different ages, so it could be that the one with the less low end just hasnt quite broken in yet.

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    If it's phase issues, it could be as little as one speaker of the thinner sounding cab being wired out of phase.

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    This is really interesting to me. Especially if it turns out both are operating correctly.

    Is it possible the wood or construction is different enough to be causing this?

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