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Thread: New Random Stuff Day (3 different things to the wind)

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    New Random Stuff Day (3 different things)

    Continuing on with a bunch of gear that I tend to get really cheap...

    First up: a red pedal:

    Normally I can't stand compressors, especially for electric, so my main use for this is for my acoustic stuff. Though I did have some fun with some cleans as well as managing to nail the Gary Moore/Buddy Guy infinite sustain... just once unfortunately.

    Next up: another red pedal:

    I've been fascinated with loop pedals for years, but because my Giga Delay was usually enough I never bothered with one until now. I wanted a simple looper and a particular store had this half the price of a JamMan so I jumped on to it quickly.

    Last up: something that's not red, but black:

    My best friend owns a normal colour one and I've been borrowing it so often that it got beyond the joke so I got one myself. I can't believe how cheap these awesome things are, plus the shop gave me the limited edition all black version. Impractical as all hell onstage but I've been playing keyboards for years so it doesn't matter much to me. Plus I've got a Roland PK-5 Midi pedals so I may use those in conjunction together, though I may just buy some glow in the dark tape to make things easier.

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