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Thread: Standby?

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    I have a Blackstar HT-5, and it is my first ever tube amp. I know the standby switch is supposed to be used to allow the tubes to heat up and cool down slowly, as opposed to just turning the amp on or off abruptly. I also know that supposedly I should put the amp on standby when leaving it unattended for a bit according to Blackstar.

    My question is, what is the norm for using the standby switch? Is it even entirely necessary? I mean does it really add to the life of the tubes, and how long can an amp stay in standby, etc.? Also, has anyone changed tubes in an HT-5, and does it need biased?

    I know these are noobish questions, but I'd appreciate it if you guys would explain this stuff to me. Thanks.

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    When turning the amp on, standby switch is on for at least a minute, to let the tubes warm up. I take this time to tune. When turning it off, no need to put it on standby, just turn it off. This will "discharge" the tubes. And yes, putting it on standby if you go away for a couple of minutes will help increase tube life. Not for months, but it helps.

    I changed my tubes and no, the tubes don't need to be biased.
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