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    Amp roadmap

    Hey, since i've been through quite a few amps in my time, i thought i'd post about how i came to settle on my current amp.

    • 1x10 combo (can't remember what it was)
      Sold, This obviously was just a starter
    • Laney L30R 30w solid state combo
      Sold, When i first got this, i thought it was amazing, but when it came to playing with a band, it was obviously completely underpowered.
    • Starfield (Ibanez) Valve Preamp
      Sold, I had this running into a Starfield Poweramp and later a Peavey Classic 50+50 power amp, I only sold this as I found the complete head version which i now use.
    • Mesa Boogie Mk4
      Sold, This amp was undoubtably excellent, however I never really got on with it as there was too much going on and it seemed quite a performance to get the tone I wanted.
    • Peavey 6505
      Sold, This amp was good, but a bit overpowered and harsh sounding
    • Orange AD30
      Sold, One of my favourite amps, just not useful enough for my metal, if I had a lot of spare cash, i would love to get one of these in again.
    • Vox AC30
      Sold, also a very nice amp, but not my thing
    • Starfield (Ibanez) SVA-1 Stereo rack mount valve amp
      This is where I have settled, it has a lot of features I find useful and it has a great metal tone along with everything underneath it... also, it was handmade in Leeds for Ibanez with the aim of targeting players like Satch and Slash, however the financial crisis in the early 90s put an end to that (source: a conversation with the guy Ibanez hired to design and build the amps).

    I guess some of you will have been/still own more gear than I've posted, any general comments on your amps/amp experiences?

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    Not a bad collection! Surprised you didn't get along with the Mark IV though.


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    Location: Huddersfield, UK
    ME: Jackson KV-4
    Rig: Starfield SVA-1

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    I always found I could get a tone from the MK4 i would love, but it would take so much tweeking it just seemed like too much hard work... maybe as i'm more experienced now i would get on with it a bit better.
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