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    Atomic / Studio Devil Amplifire

    Well, Line6 didn't do it, but maybe these guys did? I don't think it's an Axefx or Kemper killer but could be nice depending on the price.

    Studio Devil and Atomic Amplifiers have teamed up to bring world class amplifier modeling to an amazingly compact and standalone unit for both floor pedal and desktop use...more to be unveiled in the days to come...stay tuned for more info as NAMM 2014 unfolds!
    Studio Devil is one of the very few amp modeling engines out there that really interacts with front end pedals (like overdrives and analog wahs) just like a real amp of the things we get a lot of respect for is how natural a wah or overdrive connected into our modeling really sounds and interacts...and since these pedals are way more affordable and better suited than expression pedals, we didn't see a need for a dedicated expression jack on this product (which fits well into any existing pedal rig)...however, the hardware certainly supports MIDI CC controls, and linking them to a wah emulation or volume control is certainly in the realm of possibilities!!!

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    Ok. My interest is piqued.

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    I met the guy who started Studio Devil At NAMM about 4-5 years ago here in Nashville. Mark was his name I think??? Nice enough guy, but he didn't come off as a guitar guy. More like a PC geek.

    Anyway, I ended up Demoing his little Pod like box he was showing for him for a few hours because he had no one there who could play the damn thing was like a little red and white box that took up about half a rackspace. Very simple straight forward device....and it sounded as good as the PoD to me for the few tones I actually played through it. He worked all the controls I just played whatever matched the tone he switched it to.

    So who knows, he's obviously still at it....maybe it's good. This was many years ago, I think the Bean PoD was still in use at the time I really can't remember, But I am sure his stuff has progressed since then. Has anyone ever owned anything from Studio Devil before? I know he was preaching that he was soon going to have all his stuff/tones available as like I said he was just starting out if I remember correctly. I had totally forgot about this brand until I saw this thread ha!

    EDIT: Well found his website....looks really low budget I have no idea. Also by looking at the site I see no real units....just plugins Hmmm? says it is "award winning software" whatever that means
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    rumored price point on these is $600.00. the video that's going around sounds pretty good
    may actually be a viable "modeling" option
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