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Thread: EQ/Tone shaping question

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    EQ/Tone shaping question

    Randall's new Satan amp intrigues me, and especially the Girth/Grind gain & tone shaping controls. It seems to me one might be able to mimic that with an EQ pedal in front of an amp? maybe coupled with an OD or clean boost. Since I'm low on funds and thus can't afford a $2k amp right now, I think this approach is worth a shot. I know it won't be the same, but...

    To that end, I wonder if any of you have recommendations on best devices to achieve this? I've never fiddled with pedals but understand the concept, so looking for pointers.

    Thanks guys!

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    EQs work best in the loop, and I love them. A good (MXR) 10 band is a fantastic tool.

    But they don't change the basic voicing of an amp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MDV View Post
    EQs work best in the loop, and I love them. A good (MXR) 10 band is a fantastic tool.

    But they don't change the basic voicing of an amp.
    Actually the ideal case is:

    EQ->Preamp->EQ->Power Amp


    If you can only pick one I'd go with post EQ (i.e. in the loop as quoted above) and then use a pedal or boost in front to tone shape before the preamp. Yes, I'm an EQ junkie. LOL.

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