apologies if this has been covered before, but i've had a look for it and couldn't find any past posts that were relevant to it.

my wife & friends very kindly teamed together and bought me a G major 2 this week for my birthday (overwhelmingly cool of them). the issue currently is that i need to transfer all my presets from the G major 1 that's currently in my rack (nothing needs change as yet, though i may improve on them soon) but i can find no easy way to do this.

before the my dying bride tour the other winter, i performed a MIDI / SysEx dump (ahem) and still have this MIDI session available. i attempted to get the G major 2 to receive the MIDI info from that original transfer for all the presets using berry street studio's control room mac and apple logic (that it was originally recorded on). it was having none of it.

i'm loathing to idea of having to re-build each preset from scratch as i'm a terrible dunce and am a step away from struggling to understand the majestic complexity of a volume knob.

if anyone owns a magic wand or similar, please let me know. soon. we're on tour with the monolith deathcult in about two weeks.

(see you in a minute, once i've worked out how to operate this kettle).