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Thread: Axe-FX II firmware 13 released

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    Axe-FX II firmware 13 released

    Huge update, gonna do it tomorrow.

    13.00 (includes 12.04 Beta)

    Added support for Axe-Fx II “XL” model.

    Added support for UltraResTM speaker IR processing. UltraRes is a proprietary technique that enhances the spectral resolution of an IR without adding CPU burden or storage requirements. Full support of UltraRes requires the CabLab utility to convert .wav files to the required data format. NOTE: UltraRes IRs do not support size warping therefore the Spkr Size parameter is unavailable for UltraRes cabinets. In Normal Resolution mode size warping is possible.

    Various enhancements to IR Capture Utility (Utility->IR CAP):
    1. The utility now supports saving IRs as either standard IRs or UltraRes IRs. The default mode is UltraRes. The desired mode can be set in the Global menu.
    2. The utility now automatically loads the captured IR into the Scratch-Pad location immediately after capture for ease of audition.
    3. The Dump function now allows dumping either the formatted cabinet data or the raw IR data via an interactive menu. Raw IR data is 8K samples and can be imported to CabLab for mixing and/or conversion to cabinet files.
    4. The utility now supports remote control via MIDI. This is intended for use with CabLab to automate the IR capture process.

    Added UltraRes support to Tone Match block Export function. If the Global IR Capture Mode is set to UltraRes the exported Tone Match will be an UltraRes IR ONLY if the Tone Match Mode parameter is set to Live. Note that the Tone Match block itself does not support UltraRes processing and, therefore, the Tone Match must be exported to a user IR if UltraRes processing is desired.

    Added Input Select to Cabinet block. This can be used, for example, to run two Cabinet blocks in parallel for stereo processing by setting one to Left and the other to Right.

    Improved power amp modeling via improved modeling of the plate impedance of the power tubes. This gives tighter bass (less flub) and warmer highs when the virtual power amp is heavily driven (higher Master Volume settings). This also improves the feel and dramatically increases the “3-dimensionality” of the tone. The plate characteristics are adjustable via the new Dynamic Damping parameter. This parameter defaults to the appropriate value when an amp model or power tube type is selected.

    Added selectable power tube types for Amp block. Available types are: EL34, EL84, 6L6, 6V6, KT66, KT88, 6550, 6973, 6AQ5 and 300B (triode). Also available are an ideal tetrode and ideal pentode. The power tube type defaults to the appropriate type when the amp type is selected but may be overridden by the user. The power tube type presets the Dynamic Damping parameter as well as several internal parameters.

    Added Preamp Sag parameter to Advanced menu in Amp block. This parameter allows turning the preamp sag modeling on or off. Turning it off replicates the behavior of separate preamp and power amp. Turning it on replicates the behavior of an integrated tube head or combo amp.

    Changed Amp block Dynamic Depth behavior so that frequency of action is set by the Depth Freq parameter rather than fixed.

    Duplicated Input Trim parameter on Amp block Pre page for those amp models where there is not a second Drive control. This parameter can still be found on the Advanced page.

    Added IR dump capability to Tone Match block. The result of the match is dumped to USB. The length of the IR is 1024 points in Offline mode and 8192 points in Real-time mode. This data can then be imported into CabLab for subsequent processing.

    Exposed Delay block Feedback parameters to modification.

    Inverted all square wave LFOs so as to be consistent with other LFO types in that LFOs reach maximum in first half of cycle (where applicable).

    Added protection against runaway feedback in Multi-Delay block.

    Improved tempo learning so that tapping a tempo repeatedly in Delay block doesn’t cause pitch fluctuation.

    Added remote mute capability so Axe-Edit Preset Manager can mute while doing bulk preset rearrangement.

    Added “USA Bass 400” amp models based on a Mesa Bass 400. “The USA Bass 400 2” version has the Bass Shift on.

    Added “Citrus Bass 200” amp model based on an Orange AD200B.

    Added “FAS Bass” amp model.

    Added “Tremolo Lux” amp model based on a Fender AA763 Tremolux.

    Added “Null” microphone type to Cabinet block. This type has no coloration but allows the Proximity effect to be employed.

    Fixed Multi-Delay total feedback can exceed 100% causing instability.

    Fixed delay time in Multi-Delay Ten-Tap mode not updating when changing tempo.

    Fixed Delay block Sweep type Feedback Left modifier referencing Master Feedback instead of Feedback Left.

    Fixed Input Gain not working in Resonator block.

    Changed default Depth value on “PVH 6160” models to 5.00 as most people set this control to noon on the actual amps.

    Fixed incorrect default Comp value in 59 Bassguy.

    Fixed incorrect default Comp value in 5153 models.

    Fixed incorrect default Comp value in Dirty Shirley model.

    Fixed Car Roamer amp model incorrect default power tube bias.

    Fixed wrong Miller capacitance value in Deluxe Verb model.

    Fixed wrong default Power Tube Bias value in Citrus Terrier model.

    Fixed wrong default Damping value for Super Verb model.

    Fixed wrong gain structure in PVH 6160 models.

    Fixed Update All Presets function unlinks global blocks.

    Fixed dumping effect to MIDI (for Axe-Edit) generates an invalid checksum if the effect references a global preset greater than 7.

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    ultra res cabs included ad Cliff just converted the Guitar hack IRs for us for free
    ad new axe edit with axe manage woohoo!!1
    going to load all this stuff up later tonight
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    Ooh! Interesting stuff, especially the new bass amps! Finally!

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    Holy fucking shit.

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    The only good thing about winter: Cliff lives up here too, and he apparently knows that we all spend the weekends fucking with our gear.

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    The palm mutes are now out of this world. My outlandish 5150-III gain monster patch has become stupidly fun to just palm with on.

    I tested the ultra-res version of the Chinese V30 IR with the lo-res version (which I was using in that 5153 patch to begin with), and the difference is definitely there. It's not like it sounds entirely new, but it has more depth to it. It jumps out at you a bit more. For a low to mid gain sound where you want lots of dynamics, I can imagine the difference would be even more striking.

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    Chris's (JP) next album: filled with djent/Pull Me Under chugs.

    I just installed this, along with the new Axe Edit. Managing cabs is a bit of a slow, cumbersome process. Not really much better than Fractal Bot was. Tomorrow, when I can play with a bit of volume, I'm going to check out that Mesa 400 with my bass. Looking forward to that most, I think.

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