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Thread: New amp...suggestions and thoughts please!

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    New amp...suggestions and thoughts please!

    Hello there,

    I'll keep this short, I am currently looking for a new amp, I have narrowed it down to a few, all suggestions are welcome.

    I currently have a Laney Ironheart (bit too bassy for my liking) and a Peavey 6505 (used since 2006, fancy something new)

    I play active blackouts and EMGs through a Maxon boosted head into a Framus Cobra cab.

    Just finished recording album 1 with Martyn 'Ginge' Ford (Trivium, Bullet For My Valentine ,As I lay Dying)

    We used a EVH 5150 into a Mesa v30 oversized cab with an ESP Horizon and Schecter ATX.

    [VIDEO]]Vultures - Remastered Audio - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    [VIDEO]]All to Ruin - "As We Exit" A BlankTV World Premiere! - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Those are vids of the band so you get the jist!

    I have been looking for a new amp for a while. The EVH is my other guitarists, and while it is amazing for recording, it doesn't cut it for me live. Sounds way too compressed, and I really like to dig in, and get my notes to sing out, feels like I'm playing through a modelling amp live!

    The amps I am thinking of are:-

    Marshall JVM 410H
    Blackstar Series one 6l6

    and whatever you guys suggest!

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    I'd say the JVM is the way to go. Lots of snarl and definitely more "open" and organic than the 5153, plus the midi control and 4 channels with their various modes make it a very versatile amp. It'll blend really well with your bandmate's amp too, since having EL34's you'll be hitting different parts of the sonic spectrum. I've always thought one 6L6 amp and one EL34 is the key to a massive sound.
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    Cheers James! 1-0 to the ol' Marshall!

    I am yet to try one, but hopefully I will get the opportunity to this weekend!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LukeCurran View Post
    I really like to dig in, and get my notes to sing out

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    Soldano's cost the equivalent of between $4000 - $5500 over here...

    If money isnt that much of an issue Id recommend the Mesa MK V i used to have one and it destroys live and is really versatile. its only Drawback is that 2 of the modes you will want to use are on the 1 channel.

    Out of the ones you have suggested id go with the JVM due to its crazy level of versatility and tones available. Its the only Marshall i have ever liked.

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    2-0 to Marshy,

    I have been looking at the Mark V's also, how would you say it compares to the Marshall?

    I understand they are two different beasts

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    I've got the Blackstar 104 6L6, and I would actually buy another rather than a Marshall. The ISF control on it is basically MESA Dual Rectifier on the Left and Soldano SLO/Hot-Rodded Marshall on the Right - I've managed to get every tone from Nightwish/Evanescence/BFMV/Rammstein MESA style to Clapton/Page/Slash/Ammott Marshall from it, with a bit of tweaking. I'd say it's moderately compressed, not as much as a 5150 but more than my Ashdown.

    It does, however, ship with pretty poor quality valves in it - I've heard that JJ/Ruby/Sovtek ones make it sound considerably better.

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    Thanks for the input!

    I have always been a fan of Blackstar, but never played one, hopefully they will have one at my try out store Saturday

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