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Thread: Music Man Amps are coming back

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    Music Man Amps are coming back

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    Cool! Did these have a Fender-y sound then? Or entirely their own thing?

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    Music Man HD-130 Reverb | Vintage Guitar® magazine

    Here's a pretty good article about the Music Man HD 130. What was most unusual about the old Music Man amps is that they had solid state preamps and tube power amps.
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    Yes i believe they are clean like a fender, although the overdrive is a little better from what i hear

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    Meh. I always thought that they were kind of mediocre sounding. Would rather have a Twin or Dual Showman.
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    Stolen from SSO:

    The 2014 edition of these amps retains the original design, including the Music Man logo. The series will debut with a head, a cab and two combos:
    HD 130 Reverb: 130W, 2 channel head, each with volume and 3-band EQ, channel 2 also features a reverb and a tremolo, while the master is shared. 4x EL34 valves are used on this model.
    112 RD 50: 50W combo, 2 channels, each with dedicated volume and 2-band EQ, gain on channel 2, spring reverb, one ECC83 and two 6L6. The speaker is a 12” DV Mark Neoclassic .
    212 RD 130: 130W combo, two channels with dedicated volume and 3-band EQ, reverb and tremolo on channel 2, shared master ; two 12” DV Mark Neoclassic speakers and four EL34 power tubes
    GS 412: 4 x 12” DV Mark Neoclassic cabinet, 600W power, operation in 8 Ohm Mono or 16 Ohm Stereo, closed back, straight front
    No information regarding the pricing of this new series, the amps are not referenced on the website yet.
    For more info

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    A good friend of mine has an old one in their studio, it sounds like a slightly less good twin reverb. But it cost about half as much as one so swings and roundabouts really.

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