Practice recording tone?

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Thread: Practice recording tone?

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    Practice recording tone?

    Hey lads!

    I'm not a Line 6 fan boy but I had been happy using a couple models on the original pod 1 for years .... It recently shat the bed!

    I've had my buddy's Pod XT in the closet for years now as he's an acoustic guy .... Be damned if I can get into it. I find it very convoluted and weak compared to simple early models. I think my pod love Starts and ends with pod 1/2.

    Tech 21 British and Ampeg (clean) has been filling the void recently but of course these signals are dry .... I've already added a comp pedal to the start of the chain.

    Not sure whether I want to add one more tech 21 pedal or jump back into the multi effect boxes.... Never thought I'd have a string of pedals hooked up beside my laptop lol!

    Ideas? I don't think I can afford an Axe FX just now.
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