Blackstar HT Metal 100 vs EVH 5150 III 50 watts

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  • Blackstar HT Metal 100

    3 9.38%
  • EVH 5150 III mini version (50 watts not 100 watts)

    24 75.00%
  • Noodles

    5 15.63%
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Thread: Blackstar HT Metal 100 vs EVH 5150 III 50 watts

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    Blackstar HT Metal 100 vs EVH 5150 III 50 watts

    Hi guys, my first tube amp, which you think that is better amp to start?

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    Can you try them in person?

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    I love Blackstar amps, but in this case I'd go with the 5150. It will probably be more versatile and possibly more dependable. Will you be using it for practice, gigging with it, or both? Do you have noise concerns where you live? A 100 watt amp isn't ideal for bedroom practice levels. These are also things to consider. Also, a tube amp is quite a bit louder sounding than a solid state amp rated at the same wattage.

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    Combos or heads?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Louis94 View Post
    Combos or heads?

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    Wirelessly posted

    EVH all the way. One of the best amps one be market right now IMO, it does a lot of things very well.

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    Do you need really good cleans? What are some of you're preferred tones? I know the cleans on my HT100 smoke anything Ive ever heard come out of any 5150 variant, and the voicing switches on the three channels and the ISF make it INCREDIBLY versatile.

    Conversely, we all know the 5150 as the master of what it does, which is brutal high gain. But it's also pretty well known for not being overly flexible tone-wise.

    The amp you should choose depends on your needs.
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    no brainer, Blackstars are great but has no soul...

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