New here. Peavey 6505 112c, randall RD40c, marsh. DSL40C or blackstar HT club 40

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Thread: New here. Peavey 6505 112c, randall RD40c, marsh. DSL40C or blackstar HT club 40

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    New here. Peavey 6505 112c, randall RD40c, marsh. DSL40C or blackstar HT club 40

    As title. I HAVE NO IDEA WHICH!

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    Edit: Can't say I've tried the others, but 6505s kick ass.
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    Im looking at a RD20 myself, hoping others opine on this thread on that vs the others but not too many of them out there yet I think? Havnt seen much on them but the clips I heard (you know how that can go) sound great. Randall got serious with Mike Fortin.

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    I use a club 40 for a hardcore band and it sounds pretty good. Havent a/b'd with the peavey.
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    i really like the Peavey 6505 but i haven't tried the randall rd40 seems pretty badass though

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    Either the 6505 or the Blackstar. If you just need an amazing heavy tone then the 6505, if you need more versatility then the Blackstar. But it does depend on what type of music you play.

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    6505+ 112 is $599 new. It's gonna be tough to beat that for price.
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