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    NAD: Vox AC50CP2

    Local CL find - for some reason guy had it listed as an extension cab so I almost skipped over it. Opened up the listing only to discover that it's the full amp!

    I've been looking for a tube amp mostly for blues - I figured I'd get locked into a peavey classic 30, fender blues junior, fender deville etc. Those are great amps but pretty much one trick ponies. Saw a nice egnater 20 watt head with matching 1X12 cab for $450 that I almost went with but happy as hell I wound up with this.

    $500 price tag, email the guy and tell him I'll take it in 30 minutes for $400 - he comes down to $450 and it's mines!!

    2X12, all tube, 2 channels - channel 1 covers the AC-30 sound perfectly from the crisp clean chimey tones to the nice tube distortion classic rock sounds. Channel 2 is for more high gain applications, although strangely I've spent most of my time on channel 1 just digging that sweet classic rock tube tone.

    One heavy as fuck amp but the tone...well, tube Vox amps have it in droves.


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    How much Queen have you learned in the last hour?

    That looks awesome!

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    My stepdad had one of those for a while. Sounded great, but fuck bringing it to jam sessions!
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    It is heavy as hell... I don't play in any bands anyway.

    Been learning some old Kiss tonight, they were on NBC a couple nights ago and jammed Deuce... was like 'I need to learn that'. Amp does it perfectly (me not so much but getting better) !

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    Those are awesome amps, and cop a unique but super awesome thrash tone.
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    Man I been wanting a Vox for awhile now. Coolest looking amps and sound so good for the dirty blues stuff I'm not lately.

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