NAD/NCD: Orange Tiny Terror/PPC212 (Pics/Video)

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Thread: NAD/NCD: Orange Tiny Terror/PPC212 (Pics/Video)

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    NAD/NCD: Orange Tiny Terror/PPC212 (Pics/Video)

    Hey guys!
    So this little rig arrived yesterday, and god it is sweet. Perfect for jamming, and I am actually curious to see how well it mikes up/works with my Two Notes Torpedo.
    I have always loved the Tiny Terror head, I remember the first time I played it, I was at Guitar Center and must have been there for at least an hour just jamming on it. I believe it's one of the amps that actually started the whole lunchbox/mini amp craze. It was definitely the first I came across. So simple, but so easy to get sounding good. I especially like it with an OD in front, it can hang with full on metal amps at that point. And as far as the cab, well it's an Orange 2x12, so it's awesome. Tight low end, pronounced low mids, not harsh in the top end, overall a fantastic cab and a perfect match for the head.

    Here is a video of me jamming on it with my Carvin HH2x and my Pro Tone Pedals Bulb Deluxe OD. (sorry for sloppy playing!)

    And here are some pics:

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    Sounds and looks great!

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    Yeah I wasn't expecting that tone from the tiny terror.

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    Shoulda got a mini recto! Haha sounds great though
    ^ probably sarcasm.

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