So i've been looking for a big boy speaker cab to replace the carcass of my old ashdown fallen angel which i donated to James. while it does its job for now, i need something that will do the cobra justice and won't look like a pile of sh1t.

so it was a toss up between a roadkill and a zilla cab, and this won...

the thing is superbly built, tolex is great, and surprisingly light. its also a bit deeper than i was expecting. James and i were going to swap out the speakers tonight at rehearsal as i had literally just picked this up on my way down. unfortunately the screws in the back panel are in so tightly that we couldnt get them out by hand without stripping the heads. we decided to play it safe and wait till i've got a power drill handy to undo them. But it'll be getting a set of V30s and will kick ass. than i'll be able to do a real NCD for y'all.

i may swap the v30s out later down the road, as most cobra users seem to hate them with V30's but im pretty happy so far I've also not had any of the problems dialling it in i keep hearing about and i know fuck all about tone. so we'll see how it all plays together.

it was also packaged like a mother fucker...

so much cardboard and bubblewrap. i left half of it in the studio when we packed up

oh yeah, i also picked up a boost pedal from ebay - its basically a TS808 clone, but with 3 different voicings, and 3 changeable chips. its an Akai Drive3 - but its just a repackaged Biyang OD8. here is the blurb from their description on the 3 different chips.

'Biyang's Overdrive 8, X-Drive, is similar to their Overdrive 7, except that the OD-8 has a changeable JRC4558 chipset, and comes with 2 additional chips, the NE5532 chip, which produces a warmer overdrive tone, and the TL072 chip, which produces a harder overdrive tone, in addition to the JRC4558 chip itself, which produces the popular "Tubescreamer" tone.'

so yeah, 3 voicings on each chip type - so you can sort of get 9 different voicings out of it. so far i'm liking it and for 15 delivered i'm not complaining! i just run it with the volume at about 4/10 ( as that's about as close to its bypassed volume) gain on 0 and tone about halfway.

plus it haz green LEDz for maximums toans.

here it is going into my PODHD in 4CM. i know, i know i have built in OD's and boosts in the pod so why not use those, but i wanted to treat myself so fuck you ok?