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Thread: Rocktron Hush?

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    Rocktron Hush?

    Hey all, I'm looking for a Noise Gate and I've seen a Rocktron Hush (dual channel) for sale at a reasonable price - Do any of you know if it's any good?
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    I know this is a bit of a thread bump but I figured since no one responded that I would...

    I owned one about 5 years ago and could never get past the way it seemed to suck the like out of your tone (thin it/digitize it or what ever it did). It just seemed to screw around with the tone. Also it didn't really work well with thinning background noise from what I remember. Just my experience though, maybe mine was defective.

    Look online and you can probably find some good deals on a used ISP Decimator since the Decimator 2 is out now. That's a great little pedal in my opinion.
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    I have a rocktron hush pedal that I've compared to the ISP decimator in the past. Set both of them up in the fx loop through my Mesa Dual Recto Roadster and here are my thoughts.

    -Easy to dial
    -Super quiet kills all those annoying noises
    -form factor is great
    -Great for high gain amps

    -Kills the sustain for cleans whenever I switch to the clean channel of the amp.

    Hush Pedal
    -Easy to dial
    -Gets nice and quiet and kills most if not all noises from the amp
    -Super cheap new and used
    -Works great for the clean channels of my amp

    -Slight tone loss, but not too detrimental
    -a little expensive

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    I had a hush super C years ago. I hated it, it sucked the tone out of everything. So not sure I'd ever get another Hush because of it (it was that bad). The decimator stereo modded pro rack G howeever, is awesome.

    Also, I've never noticed my decimator killing any sustain, the reason I love it is because i can get sustain and feedback when i want it, and dead cuts when i need that, very responsive to playing.

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    I use a Boss NS2 with my Peavey and I'm quite happy with it. Its reliable, built like a tank and priced fair. Some people say they experience 'tone suckage' but I havent really noticed.

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    I would personally go for the decimator but definitely if you can try them all out do that

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