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Thread: (NAD!) hand wired JTM-45

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    (NAD!) hand wired JTM-45

    Hopefully posting the link to the photo album Metalguitarist.org - jaxnrr1's Album: JTM-45+ build will be less obnoxious than waiting for all of the pics (19) to load.

    I dig old Marshalls. In my opinion, the modern Marshall tone is still outdated and has reached irrelevancy. The idea of building a JCM clone was appealing, but that would really limit my ability to modify it to my own tastes/desires. So why not go back to where the whole deal began.
    Anybody with any knowledge of the history of Marshall amplification knows that it started with Sir Jim and his buddies modifying Fenders (Bassmans iirc) until the cost of building their own amps seemed more reasonable. And a few particular guitarists insisted on them being 'louder' than it was possible to push that Bassman circuit. Somewhere in all of that, the JTM was born.

    I've had Gerald Weber's book 'Tube Guitar Amplifier Essentials' sitting somewhere between my desk or bedside table (yeah, I'm that kind of geek) for a few years now. After reading through it and referencing a few key sections a number of times, the thought "I think I have enough knowledge available to put together a decent amplifier."
    Admittedly not being the best at deciphering layout by looking at a schematic, I decided a kit would be the way to start. After 6 months of comparing kits available on the internet, I went with the JTM-45+ head kit available at www.tubedepot.com. Not being satisfied with the aesthetics of the traditional Marshall heads, I went to Amp Parts, Cabinets, Guitar, Bass, Pickups, Pedals - Mojotone.com to have a custom head and faceplates built, ending up with more of a Hiwatt vibe.

    More to come...

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    Very nice indeed, looking forward to some clips!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ripper View Post
    Very nice indeed, looking forward to some clips!

    As soon as I can find a space to light her up and let it rip. In the apartment it sounds pretty sweet running through the Hot Plate. I've been slowly going through some of my OD and Distortion pedals trying to find the best matches for the amp. Been having a lot of fun w/ an octave fuzz I put together recently.

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