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    Clean tones

    Hey everybody, I'm working on my band Necrominger's first full length at the moment, we have a few songs with clean intros (i really love clean guitar in thrash metal songs) but i have absolutely no experience with clean tones, I was just wondering if someone could help me out getting an evil airy kind of clean tone, would be much appreciated, thank you in advance

    I really like these clean tones:
    Death - Lack of comprehension
    Annihilator - alison hell and sixes and sevens.(jeff waters has a badass clean tone)
    Metallica - battery
    Judas Priest - Beyond the realms of death

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    I've always thought that type of tone is a result of active pickups through a really high-headroom and crisp amp like a JC-120.

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    thanks dude, will definitely keep that in mind.

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    Most of those are neck pickup or neck + bridge pickup.

    The Metallica sound is a single coil in to a JC120. The Priest is passive pickups, probably N+B through a clean Marshall. The other two are probably neck EMGs into something clean...

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    cheers dude! these tips really help a lot

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