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Thread: PRS Archon Test

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    PRS Archon Test

    Hey guys
    Here is a quick test I put together using my PRS Archon amp. Because I was curious to hear how the amp itself sounds in a full mix scenario, I opted not to use any pedals in front or in the loop.

    To record I went to my Two Notes Torpedo Live which acted as a loadbox so I could get the sound of the whole amp including the poweramp, and that has an impulse of Nolly's Zilla 2x12 Cab with Celestion Creamback H speakers. Guitar was my Jackson Custom Shop 6 with Bare Knuckle Juggernaut set tuned to Drop C.

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    Sounds awesome. I had no idea PRS even made amps. Shows how wrong I was.

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    Wirelessly posted

    I want to hear this with quality speakers. My brief experience with the archon makes me want to spend more time with one.

    Also, I assume this is dialed in to "the bulb tone". Any chance of a more at the gates style riff? Maybe something lower gain as well?

    These do seem to be sweet amps

    Edit: what wouls you compare the cleans to?
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    Right, but does it… oh, wait… it does. Nevermind.

    Sounds cool!

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    Sounds sick!

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    Oh, man, this is gonna piss off sooooo many of those old corksniffers. Awesome.
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    fucking awesome man!
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    Tagging this so I can check it out later.
    Also, dropped you a PM


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