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Thread: Looking for budget FRFR speaker advice

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    Looking for budget FRFR speaker advice

    Like the title says I'm looking for advice on budget FRFR's. I've sold all the gear I can and have about $300 to work with. I just want something that I can use to monitor my kemper while recording at home and something powerful enough to be able to hang with a band practice. I'm not currently in a band but if I joined one later I thought I would try a single powered 12' now and later upgrade to 2 if one couldn't cut it. Does this sound like a good idea?

    I almost pulled the trigger on this last night but I wanted to ask you guys first :

    It's gotten a good mention on the board here but I cant find too much about it anywhere else. I've never owned a Carvin product but they seem to make nice guitars and amps but I don't know anything about any of their other products

    I recently heard about Seismic Audio which also has a good mention here but they are pretty new and I cant really find anything online about their quality. I'm guessing this wedge would be competition for the PM12A

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    Anyone have any experience with these? Any other brands I'm missing around the $300 range? Is it a waste of time to buy something in this price range? I'm just a bedroom warrior so it doesn't have to be great but I don't want to screw myself over with junk in case I start doing more in the future.

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    The Carvin supposedly is pretty decent, from what I've read.
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