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Thread: School me on EQ pedals

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    School me on EQ pedals

    I've been thinking about adding an EQ pedal to my rig lately, but it seems there aren't many choices out there, and the price gaps between them are quite big. So far I've gathered some info about common options:

    Graphic EQs:

    - Danelectro Fish'n Chips (~40$)
    - Boss GE-7 (~70$)
    - MXR 6 and 10 band (80-125$)

    (semi)Parametric EQs:

    - Boss PQ4 (old, only available used)
    - Carl Martin 3-Band EQ

    As I have experience myself recording and mixing I'm more interested on the parametric ones. The Empress and the Fromel Shape are out just for the price. I can't find much information about the Boss and I'm really curious (specially since the GE-7 doesn't get much love but the PQ4 price seems to be around 125-125$ )

    Of course, I haven't tried any of them so I'd appreciate some help. The idea is to leave it always on for metal rythms.

    So what do you think about EQ pedals in general, and which one would you recommend?

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    Other options that come right to mind are:
    Mesa 5 Band EQ
    Source Audio Programmable EQ
    All the Source Audio Soundblox Pro line Pedals
    Earthquaker Devices Tone Job
    Stone Deaf FX PDF-1 (Parametric)
    Some discontinued and hard to find TC Electronic stuff have parametric eqs.

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    I love Mesa, so I'd love one of their GEQ pedals, but I'm pretty happy with my MXR 10-band. I've put it in the FX loop of my DC-10, and was able to tweak it VERY close to the actual 5-band GEQ on the front of the amp.

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    I know when I get my eq ill be getting the mxr 10 band eq

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