Last week I ordered an Eventide Pitchfactor and was expecting to have it by today. Unfortunately it hasn't come yet, but since I was in town where I ordered it from, I went to the store anyway and grabbed these instead:

Soundblox Poly-Mod filter.

Now I'm not one for envelope filters, but my muse has decided me to be spontaneous and I just went for these. I've just spent 20 minutes on this and there's plenty of quack/phaser/quasi-humaniser effects here. I had a lot of fun trying to emulate Satch's Wind In The Trees autotune effect with me fluttering on the bar... it gets pretty close. Plus there's plenty of control options, CV, Midi, and the Sensor option, which plugs to the ring device that Herman Li uses. But since I've been wrongly compared with Mr Li, I'll be avoiding that like plague.

Then next in line:

Free The Tone, Gigs Boson Overdrive.

I've already got a few OD pedals in the stable, and I did a topic on these a not too long ago. But since I'll never see my loaned Tube Screamer again, I went for a replacement and took the plunge...

...This is possibly one of the best OD pedals I've ever used. With the gain boost and inpedence switch options, it's like having 3 pedals in 1. Even before dialing the knobs, the tone is smooth and articulate. As a boost it doesn't compress as much as a typical TS and can really get some nasty rhythms. Leadwise, it speaks for itself, I could just solo all day in any setting.

I highly recommend checking out the Free The Tone line to any guitarist. Seriously they rule.

Cool Runnings mon. Bob sled!