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Thread: Setting up my new G-System

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    Setting up my new G-System

    So I got a G-System, and then moved house, so still haven't set it up. Anyway, the setup I have is a bit, well, I want to be able to use all my little fun pedals.

    I have:

    1 - Roadking II head, which has 2 effects loops
    2 - RJM RG-16 (8 loops and acts as the amp switcher)
    3 - A G-System
    4 - pedals pedals pedals, basically 2-3 overdrive pedals, a vintage maestro phaser, an old boss analogue delay, a vintage boss compressor, wah, whammy pedal
    5 - AN ISP Rack based decimator.

    Now, I have a rack, and am wondering what I put where? I could put the entire G-16 loops in the G-System loops, and god knows what else. I think there's no way of doing it so that the wah/whammy can be put in loops. Also, i know the G-System can put the preamp in the dedicated preamp loop, but this does leave the question as to which effects loop....

    I also want the bare minimum of cable runs, and the bare minimum of tap dancing...

    Anyway, mad ideas welcome as I am going to go and wire up this sucker tonight!

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    Google "G-System white paper". It's an excellent guide to setting up the G-System, and in particular, setting the levels for using it with an amp.

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    I'd run the 4 cable setup (preamp in the insert loop) for the G system and put the loop switcher in loop 4 of the G system so it's available on all channels and settings for your mesa and the overdrives in the first 3 loops for individual switching on the G system. That way you have the most flexibility with minimal hassle and can also defeat the whole patcher with a single press of the loop 4 pedal on the g system if you set it up. As for the whammy and wah, that's a different story as you'll have to run long cables from each patch of the patch bay out to where they are and back and I don't believe there's any way around that unless somehow you've made them able to accept MIDI CC values. :P

    I run a G system with an A/DA MP1 and Mesa Triaxis into a simul 2:90 with some overdrive pedals and such and another one for a Laney VH100R with just a bad monkey in loop one and a custom relay cable for all the switching needs both using the 4 cable method. One button press and all my settings, effects and channels are switched on either setup but I can still kick in or out the OD when needed.
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    Since you can assign both loops to each channel at the same time, I'd stick the RG16 in loop 2 of the Recto and have the preamp of the Recto in the preamp loop of the G System via loop 1 on the Recto. That gives you 4 loops pre-preamp on the G Sytem so you can have one dedicated to each of the wah and Whammy, plus two available for overdrives.

    Run the Decimator in the rack with the loops from the Recto passing through it on their way to their respective locations.
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    Ah, see, i think i forgot to mention that the decimator I pretty much always have engaged for noise, so one of the loops in the RK I have been using just for that.

    Having both channels used in the same setup is a cool idea though, but I am a bit worried about double gating when I have both the g-system and the rg-16 loops active...

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    The rack Decimator is made for being a twin pass single system like the G String pedal isn't it? Should be fine, but you can always experiment and only use one channel if it cuts too much.

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