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Thread: It's getting Orange-y here....

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    It's getting Orange-y here....

    My bassist just got the Terror Bass the other day, I haven't had the chance to hear it yet, but those other two heads fucking RIP. I never gave Orange amps enough credit. I didn't think brutal tones could come from these things but I was certainly wrong about that.

    My guitarist is using an MXR 10-band EQ in the loop of the TH-100, as it doesn't really have it's own EQ. For such a simple head, it's pretty damn impressive.

    I got to hear some of the tunes they've been recording this past weekend and I've really never been so thrilled/excited to release something. The guitars just sound so damn good. One of the guitarist has a small amp museum at his house, I was hoping he'd bring his (92) Dual Rec/MKIV/Stiletto into the studio for some extra flavors but I don't even give a shit after hearing those tracks.

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    Yep Orange is pretty goddamn rough ahaha
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    I've owned and still own several oranges. They come and go in my life but the orange ad15 combo will always stay, it's just meat and potatos

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    Never liked the terror bass but I do quite dig that rockerverb.

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