New Rig: Laney IronHeart, or H&K Switchblade?

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Thread: New Rig: Laney IronHeart, or H&K Switchblade?

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    New Rig: Laney IronHeart, or H&K Switchblade?

    I really got no clue what to do here. This is the thing:

    I play in a groove metal / thrash metal band, so I need a Modern Metal Periphery-like sound that cuts through the mix and also has personality, I'm thinking Peavy 5150/6505 like. The thing is I also want versatility, I like different kinds of music and I wanna be able to play other stuff too, which high gain beasty ampheads out there won't probably let me.

    So I found these amp, the Laney Ironheart 120. It's got the sound, and also the versatility, and it is metal focused. All tubes. I've heard that Kilswitch Engage are endorsing it lately.


    Sound in vids: great.
    Sound in store: I haven't tried it, can't find it in my area.
    Price: 777€ (1056 US$)
    Cabinet: I'd order the head new in a bundle with a cheap Harley Benton CV30 4x12 for 1050€ (1427 US$)

    Went to a store to try it, but they didn't even distribute it. I told the guy what i wanted, so he gave me to try the Hughes & Kettner Switchblade TSC 100. He ruined my happy normal life, cause the thing is pretty good. It covers everything from a great clean to a decent metal, it's greatly built and kicks some ass in the versatility thing, but im not sure yet if it's got the caracteristic and cut-through-mix metal sound that i'm looking for. I'm gonna try it again next week.

    [VIDEO]]Hughes and Kettner Switchblade - Metal - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Sound in vids: rock players, not metal except for this one i linked . Not a good sign, ¿is it? The thing is that it is soooo open ranged, and the brand is not so famous, so its hard to find metal player vids of the amp.
    Sound in store: It sounded pretty badass, with lots of gain and wide eq options. The thing is that... well, it is very configurable, so i don't know yet... but it seemed to me like it sounded real nice, but no so distinct to other amps. It sounded kinda "generic", if you know what I mean. Again, I should try it A LOT more to be fair. And I coudn't compare it to a real metal thing, wich i'll try to do too.

    Price: They are lowing the price, so 786€ (1068 US$) while it used to be 1122€ (1525 US$)
    Cabinet: A lot better than the cheap one that i was planning to buy with the IronHeart. It is also Hughes & Kettner, model VC-412A25. And also on sale, 570€ (774 US$) where it was 815€ (1107 US$)
    The whole thing would be 1356€ (1843 US$).

    So thats the thing, and i don't know what the hell should i buy. Thoughts? Someone tried any of the amps? I'd also apreciate thoughts on the cabinet, since even if I buy the IronHeart I'll probably not buy the cheap Harley Benton, but the H&K.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Y not just get the 5150?

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    out of those two I'd take the Lionheart ANY day of the week. The H&K switchblade and a lot of their other metal/rock amps are the most boring generic sounding amps on the market. They do the job, but they're not impressing. The Ironheart is among one of the top modern sounding amplifiers out there. It's awesome

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    Louis94, I'm still making my mind about it. The thing is the 5150 can be very expensive where i live, and not so versatile if I someday run into other kinds of music (I don't disslike progressive rock or even fussion stuff, just for the lulz).

    Ola, you are the vid author, right? Congrats on that, man
    That is the feeling I got triying it... it was fine, even nice, but didn't blow my mind. I'm most likely going to trust you and go for the Ironheart.

    Now the thing is... ¿which Cabinet suits that head the best? I've heard the Laney one, although it's made for it, is not so reliable.

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    Wirelessly posted ()

    The 5150 is shockingly versatile. The Crunch channel is where it's at. If you aim for the 5150 III, you get a stellar clean channel as well.
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    I'm incredibly far from an expert (this is going to be my first high-quality rig), but just to be sure, are we talking about the same amp? I mean the peavy 6505 (also known as 5150), maybe you mean the EVH5150s?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HugeFan View Post
    I'm incredibly far from an expert (this is going to be my first high-quality rig), but just to be sure, are we talking about the same amp? I mean the peavy 6505 (also known as 5150), maybe you mean the EVH5150s?
    Josh is talking about the EVH 5150. It's pretty much an "improved" Peavy 5150, hence the reason why he called it a 5150III.
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    Out of the two the Ironheart definitely. It is very versatile for a 'modern metal' amp.
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