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Thread: Which Ipad interface

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    Which Ipad interface

    I'm looking for a new interface for the ipad. I've currently got the crappy original iRig which has way to much noise.

    I'm trying to decide between the sonicport, apogee jam, and iRig hd. All have there benefits and downsides. At the moment I'm leaning towards the sonicport due to the fact it has line out.

    Any opinions on these, or something else I should look at?

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    Apogee are always good quality. Other option is any half decent core audio compliant USB interface if you also want the ability to mic things up. I used a lexicon alpha on my ipad with a powered USB hub to provide the voltage and it worked fine.
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    I have the apogee jam 96k and am very happy. It's useful if you also own a mac as it can be used with that as well as a basic interface.

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    I've had the Apogee JAM, the iRig Pro, and the SonicPort. They all sound pretty much the same, and have more or less the same latency. I like the Sonicport a lot, but the iRig Pro is cool because it's got a XLR-1/4" combo jack, so you can record with a mic as well.
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    I like the fact the sonicport has line out but not sure if I should rule the others out because they don't have it.

    The apogee jam can be plug into Usb on pc right? I'm thinking that could be handy for when bias comes out on desktop. I can still have a mobile rig on my laptop. I'm thinking that will probably be of more use to me then a line out

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